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‘Like Most youngsters of elderly moms and dads, Mike hadn't Significantly liked the thought of finding a treatment residence for his mum.’

analyse, review, take a look at, research, canvass, canvas - look at intimately and issue to an Assessment as a way to find out necessary attributes or meaning; "review a sonnet by Shakespeare"; "examine the evidence in a prison trial"; "assess your true motives"

behave, act, do - behave in a particular manner; exhibit a certain habits; conduct or comport oneself; "You'll want to act like an adult"; "Don't behave like a idiot"; "What makes her do this fashion?"; "The Pet acts ferocious, but he is de facto frightened of men and women"

19 VERB 信奉;追随;支持;拥护 When you follow a selected religion or political belief, you've got that religion or belief. 'Does one follow any particular faith?' — 'Certainly, we're all Hindus.' “你们有自己的宗教信仰吗?”——“是的,我们都是印度教徒。”

‘Having said that, what he forgets would be that the English language is transforming it constantly no matter whether we like it or not.’

four VERB 定期资助;定期捐款;定期捐助 In case you subscribe into a charity or perhaps a campaign, you deliver revenue to it on a regular basis. I subscribe to a couple favorite charities. 我定期向几个中意的慈善机构捐款。

A caving expedition goes horribly Mistaken, because the explorers grow to be trapped and in the long run pursued by a strange breed of predators.

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‘Eton meals was all horribly unimaginative, stews and the like, and The one thing I liked was fish.’

‘It is vital to listen to our clients to discover their likes and dislikes after which get the necessary techniques to deliver on their preferences.’

1 VERB 跟随;跟着 Should you follow somebody who goes somewhere, you move together driving them as you want to Visit the exact same area. We followed him up the actions into a sizable hall... 我们跟着他上楼来到一个很大的大厅。

‘He did verify which they produce a private profile of all their friends before they get there, detailing their likes and dislikes.’

implement, utilize, Subscribe use, utilise, employ - place into support; make function or use for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural intent; "make use of your head!"; "we only use Spanish in your own home"; "I can not use this Device"; "Use a magnetic area here"; "This thinking was placed on lots of initiatives"; "How will you use this Resource?

‘The customers of your Magistracy reflect our Culture with their likes, dislikes and typical human frailties.’

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